Holland Energy Park


2019 Honor Award



Landscape Architects


Project Details

Holland Energy Park is a unique hybrid: a power plant and a public space. The design team thoughtfully integrated this unique programmatic pairing into a facility that highlights multiple layers of sustainability. Built on once blighted and contaminated land, it puts natural systems on display while welcoming visitors to use the outdoor amenities, learn about the inner workings of this state-of the-art power generation facility, and connect to nearby community attractions. 

In the words of David Koster from the Holland Board of Public Works, “It’s Holland Energy Park for a reason.”  Bordered by 15 acres of scenic wetlands, the facility serves as a community park. 

The design team also brought together exterior spaces and bioswales at the visitor arrival sequence. The facility’s entrance is framed with plazas, using custom seating and simple pavement patterning to create rhythm along the front of the facility, while putting the living systems on display.

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