Memorial to Mining: A Danville Story


2015 Student Awards


Urbana-Champaign, IL


Student Awards

Landscape Architects

Project Details

Danville would like to establish a new identity for its downtown by reclaiming its riverfront as an active public space. Danville is a city with a significant history of coal mining. Although mining contributed to its booming economy, and improved living quality, it left numerous scars on the earth.

In the design, the natural phenomenon of the sun is used to interpret the long covered history of coal mining. The main concept is the experience of sunshine to amplify the warmth and lightness to recall people’s feeling in the mine shafts, arouse cultural imagination, and educate visitors about the history. The design is about past and future, brightness and darkness. The riverfront park is expected to improve public safety and health; and promote growth of tourism, which will revitalize Danville.

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