Nature Play Guidelines


2019 Merit Award


Planning and Analysis

Landscape Architects

Urban Landscape Collaborative

Project Details

The FPCC Nature Play Guidelines encourage site managers to think like a landscape architect when designing nature play areas—to imagine the site both as part of the overall landscape and as a landscape unto its own. They provide staff the information and inspiration needed to create a Nature Play area best suited to their site, while ensuring that the design, use, and management stays within a set of articulated standards for excellence, consistency, and efficacy.

The document opens with the benefits of outdoor play, the role of Nature Play in the FPCC, and Nature Play principles. The focus of the guidelines is on best practices for siting; designing; activating and maintaining the space; risk management, resource development, and evaluation.  Photos, illustrations, and a variety of suggested criteria and ideas enrich each page. 

The guidelines were written and designed to reflect the FPCC’s mission and commitment to nature, children, creativity, fun, and learning.   

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