Social Propeller


2019 Student Merit Award


General Design - Graduate Project

Landscape Architects

Cher Wong

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Project Details

Rupture and flow, it explains both of the current relationship between northern (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) and southern Cyprus (the Republic of Cyprus), and the historical walled-city and the new city in Nicosia over the past 46 years. While the physical boundaries are erected for separating, people, merchandise is still flowing. The purpose of this project ” Social Propeller” aims to create a living corridor that not only regenerate the walled-city by connecting through the moat towards the new city but also supports a social upward mobility system to attract a great population of oversea young Cypriot back, link with the new immigrants in Cyprus and further foster a young creative class to make up the young professional lost in Cyprus

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