The Park At Lakeshore East


2019 Landmark Award


Chicago, IL


Landmark Award

Landscape Architects

site, Landscape Architect of Record & OJB Landscape Architecture, Design Landscape Architect

Project Details

The Park at Lakeshore East is a 5.3-acre urban park that is the centerpiece of the 28-acre mixed-use Lakeshore East development in Chicago’s Loop community. As the first project constructed from the Master Plan, the neighborhood park provides diverse and flexible spaces that accommodate a wide-range of community needs. Among the programmatic elements are passive water promenades, a dog park, a playground for younger children, a great lawn, gardens, lighting, and a variety of seating options. 

The Park at Lakeshore East demonstrates the significant impact a landscape architectural project can have to spur development. The park is easily one of CPD’s best maintained parks in its 600+ park portfolio because of a maintenance agreement initiated through the Master Plan. Each building surrounding the park is required to pay a park maintenance tax that has helped build an extensive maintenance endowment for the park. This endowment supplements CPD maintenance with community-funded and coordinated maintenance, ensuring the park remains beautiful and functional at all times. 

Header image by OJB Landscape Architecture

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