Each year the Illinois Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ILASLA) recognizes outstanding projects completed by individuals or organizations located in the State of Illinois. These awards are given in an effort to raise standards of excellence, heighten public appreciation of quality landscape architecture, and expand public awareness of the profession and ASLA. The award winners will be recognized at the ILASLA’s annual awards event, be published in the widely distributed folio awards e-book, and have their projects highlighted on the ILASLA website. 

Deadline for 2021 Submissions is Friday, May 7, 2021, at 5:00 p.m.

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Download the pdf of the full 2021 Call for Entries

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Professional Awards - Eligibility

Projects submitted may be located anywhere but must be completed by individuals or organizations located in the state of Illinois. An individual or organization must have completed the project within the past five years, with the exception of the Landmark Award. Projects previously submitted which have not received an ILASLA award are eligible for re-submission. Projects which have already received an ILASLA award are ineligible for re-submission in the category in which the award was received.

Professional Awards - Categories

Please select from one of the following categories for each award submission:

  1. General Design – Constructed Projects
  2. General Design – Unrealized Projects
  3. Residential Design
  4. Burnham Awards for Planning and Analysis
  5. Communications
  6. Landscape Architectural Research
  7. Historic Landscapes
  8. General Design – Undergraduate Project
  9. General design – Graduate Project
  10. Landmark Award*
  11. Jensen Award*

*One award given for each category

Professional Awards - Category Descriptions
Professional Awards - Jury

Entries to the ILASLA Awards Program will be juried by peers of the design profession. Jurors will remain anonymous until after all entries are judged. Jurors are under no obligation to grant an award in any or all categories and have the ability to switch an entry to another category as they deem necessary.

Professional Awards - Judging Criteria
Professional Awards - Submission Requirements

Required Documents

  • Entry form (PDF): The completed entry form must be signed by both the entrant and client. The entry form is an editable PDF, and all information must be entered digtally.
  • Project Description form (PDF): The project description form is an editable PDF, and all information must be entered digitally.
  • Presentation file (PDF) with a 15 page maximum limit. InDesign and PowerPoint templates must be used to complete the presentation (template file is linked to text). Background color and font must not be edited. The presentation must include the following:
    • Slide 1: Submission category
    • Slide 2: Project name and concise project description
    • Slides 3-15: Images representing the submission (300dpi). One image per slide, except in the instance of “before and after” image sequences wherein two images are allowed per slide. Each slide must include:
      • Project name
      • Up to five sentences describing each drawing or photograph
      • Submission category and image / slide number. Numbering must start at 1.
  • Copy of original documents (PDF) for submissions for the Planning and Analysis, Landscape Architectural Research, and Communication only if necessary. Do not submit a hard copy. No other categories are eligible for submission of additional documents. All references to firms involved must be removed.
  • Entry fee receipt (PDF): Entry fee must be submitted through PayPal and received by the submission deadline.

File Naming Requirements

  • Entry form: CategoryNumber_projectname_entryform (e.g. III_Smith Residence_entryform.pdf)
  • Project Description form: CategoryNumber_projectname_description
  • Presentation: CategoryNumber_projectname_presentation
  • Original documents: CategoryNumber_projectname_documents
  • Entry fee receipt: CategoryNumber_projectname_receipt

Additional Information

  • Files must be uploaded to this site (click the link or copy the URL: 
  • Carefully review all text, photographs, graphic images, publications, reports and other enclosures and mask ALL written and graphic references to the identity of the entrant and design team in the entry submission and original document if included. The only exception is the marketing description which may include references to the identity of the entrant and design team.
  • Submissions with hard copies of any of the files will be disqualified.
  • A complete submission is required and entries not conforming to these requirements will be disqualified.
Professional Awards - Entry Fee Per Entry

Submit payment through the link below.  For the first-time discount, please contact Susan at 630-833-4516 or

Payment Link

ASLA Members
Public Practice$75
Private Practice
        One Submittal$175
        Two Submittals$150 each
        Three or more$125 each
First Time Discount*25% off total fee

*The first time discount applies to entrants who have not submitted for an award in the last three years.

Non-ASLA Members
Public Practice$175
Private Practice$325
Professional Awards - General Information

Folio, Framing, and Publication Fee:

Private Practice – Members: $400 per award-winning project
Public Practice – $300 per award-winning project
Non-Members – $600 per award-winning project

Awards Ceremony:

Award winners will be announced and celebrated at the ILASLA Awards Ceremony.

Deadline for Submissions:

The ILASLA Awards Committee must receive all entries no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 7, 2021. Entries include the online submittal and the entry fee. Presentation template(s) are downloadable in an above dropdown menu. Late submissions will not be accepted. All entrants will be notified of the results via telephone in mid-January. All submissions become property of the ILASLA and will not be returned.

Upload entry submissions to: Dropbox

Publicity of Award Recipients:

All entrants may request up to three media contacts on the entry form. ILASLA will send press releases on winning entries to regional media services and landscape industry publications.


Please contact the ILASLA Awards Chair, Jessie King and Dana Kraus at

Reminders and Suggestions:

Please note — Press releases, newsletter articles, magazine features and Awards Ceremony presentation will be written with the information provided on the entry form. Be thorough and accurate! The graphic material supplied will be used to represent the project in Chapter publications, the Awards Ceremony and the traveling display. Please take care to submit quality graphic material and photographs that are in focus.

Award winners will be required to submit high quality, high resolution (300dpi) JPEGs of select images used in their submission presentation file. With that in mind, please take care to only include images in your presentation of 300dpi or more.

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