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Jane Beggs-Joles, Landscape Market Coordinator

Jane works for Spring Meadow Nursery, the plant nursery responsible for selecting and propagation all woody ornamentals in the Proven Winners® brand. Since joining the nursery in 1998, she has had the privilege of helping to introduce many fantastic plants to North American horticulture. These include Little Lime® hydrangea, Arctic Fire® dogwood, and Low Scape Mound® Aronia, with many cool new plants to come! Her current role is that of Landscape Program Manager, where she works to connect landscape professionals with the right plant for the right job. Proven Winners® ColorChoice® strongly believes in the power of education to help professionals make good plant choices, and so sponsors the National Collegiate Landscape Competition as well as providing educational content to the industry. Any time you have a question about a woody ornamental plant, get in touch with Jane!

With their two daughters in college, Jane and her husband are adjusting to empty-nest life in western Michigan. They enjoy traveling, visiting their daughters, and outdoor adventures in all four of Michigan’s seasons.

Jane can be reached at

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