2019-2029 champaign park district comprehensive plan


2019 Merit Award


Planning and Analysis

Landscape Architects

Champaign Park District

Project Details

The 2019-2029 Champaign Park District Comprehensive Plan was developed to help guide policy decisions, inform capital outlays, and direct future planning efforts. The Comprehensive Plan builds upon the Mission, Vision, and Values adopted in the Champaign Park District Community Focused Strategic Plan, published in 2016. Many park district comprehensive plans focus on asset inventory without considering demographic trends, programming needs, or financial health. The goal of the Champaign Park District’s Comprehensive Plan development was to study the District in a more holistic way and formulate recommendations for physical improvements, investments, and broader policy initiatives. Policy recommendations will affect public programming, local partnerships, and financial decisions, while investment recommendations will affect open space acreages, quality of park, trail, and facility amenities, equitable access to amenities, and sustainability efforts. The plan was composed as a working document for the Champaign Park District, but also to be accessible to the larger public. 

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