Highland Park Downtown Streetscape Plan


2019 Merit Award


Planning and Analysis

Landscape Architects


Project Details

Highland Park’s downtown streetscape was an award-winning design when it was built in the early 1980s. Having supported the community for 30 years, the City of Highland Park decided that the streetscape needed to be upgraded to respond to the changing lifestyle of its residents. The overall approach to the new design is sensitive to the original Sasaki plan and aligns with modern ideals and technology. 

Creation of the concept designs for streetscape, wayfinding, signage and the pedestrian arcade evolved from a combination of on-line survey input, in-person workshops and focus groups with stakeholders. Throughout the process, residents provided input into new designs and defined the key elements to make Highland Park’s Downtown successful. The outcomes of these meetings influenced the design of the downtown streetscape as well as proposed programming opportunities to invigorate public spaces within the downtown.

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