The Preserve at Oak Meadows


2017 Merit Award


Addison/Wood Dale, IL


1 Mile


Forest Preserve District of DuPage County



Landscape Architects

Project Details

Oak Meadows, previously named the Elmhurst Country Club, was popular with golfers, however, suburban sprawl and increasingly impactful rain events were causing operational and maintenance stress, necessitating a full renovation of Oak Meadows. To guide the renovation, a detailed Master Plan was developed to address cultural, environmental, and recreational goals, understand development impacts, outline regulatory and approval requirements, and gauge public expectations. The planning process prioritized stormwater management, habitat enhancement, and water quality improvement.

The redevelopment of The Preserve not only provides a world-class golf experience, but addresses flooding issues through a high functioning, quality landscape that manages stormwater and restores habitat. Features include new wetland habitat, a one-mile streambank restoration and stabilization, and trail connections to the nearby forest preserve properties. The design paid homage to the heritage of Oak Meadows through the understanding of the golf course, its landscape characteristics, its strategic identity, and its meaning to local golfers. It was vital to develop a strong sense of place and identity born from Oak Meadows. The Preserve at Oak Meadows will provide significant environmental benefit and access to a beautiful and revived Illinois landscape – not “a golf course project in a preserve,” but rather, a “preserve project that had a golf course.”

Golf and specifically public golf, has the opportunity and responsibility to provide solutions to a variety of cultural and environmental problems. There is intention to how the holes have been sited so that anyone can feel the impact of this extraordinary preserve. Here golfers will experience more options, better conditions, and higher strategic challenges. Golfers will tour the property in a way that is intended to reveal its identity slowly, methodically, and systematically. While golfers enjoy The Preserve at Oak Meadows, the wildlife and surrounding communities will reap the benefits.

Project Team

Project Team: Engineering Resource Associates; Martam Construction; Wadsworth Golf Construction; Cardno; Midwest Irrigation; Interfluve, Inc.; ECDesign

Parties Involved in Prior Master Plan: Martin Design, ERA

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