Urban Flux


2019 Student Merit Award


General Design - Undergraduate Project

Landscape Architects

Yu Hang Leung, Jiajia Wang, Amber Sims, Samantha Newman, and Katie Bulin

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Project Details

URBAN FLUX is situated within the Calumet Region – a historically recognized area across Illinois and Indiana along the southern shore of Lake Michigan. Spanning from Chicago to Michigan City, the region is unique in its industrial development, cultural history, and ecological composition. This proposal recognizes that the region was once an essential nexus of Midwest economic strength and holds great potential for future development and urban landscape interventions. The proposal also values and relies on local resources to support further economic and regional growth. URBAN FLUX is an adaptive framework that responds to the unique industrial and cultural heritage of the Calumet Region, utilizing five anchor point areas (in South Chicago, East Chicago, Gary, Lake Station, and Michigan City) that each have designated development roles within this regional proposal, and includes various economic initiatives that address community needs, such as urban farming and affordable housing. 

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