Urban Formal


2018 Merit Award


Chicago, IL



Landscape Architects

Project Details

A garden renovation on three levels in a dense urban neighborhood created opportunity for family-focused space. Yet the client’s imperatives for an expanded garage, privacy, shade, a formal aesthetic, kitchen access, all on the north side of the home with poor site drainage presented challenges. The resulting elegant, multi-level garden by Barker Evans Landscape Architecture feels surprisingly spacious within tight confines and a full program.

The garden level is a simple, yet formal mix of gravel, Indiana limestone, evergreens and lawn. Six pear trees just off the kitchen soften the sun for alfresco dining, provide privacy and welcome guests to a gracious meal. A new balcony allows the chef of the family direct access to herbs and the dinner table. A rectangular lawn of fescue remains lush even in the limited northern light and offers open play space. Atop the expanded garage, the family’s green thumb tends an enviable vegetable garden that is five times its original size yet, tucked away out of sight. This urban garden is easy to maintain and remains elegant throughout the seasons.

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