Country Casual Teak

Established in 1977, Country Casual Teak is the nation’s leading manufacturer of teak outdoor furniture. We take pride in providing durable and beautiful furniture solutions for gardens, museums, businesses, schools, and more. After 40 plus years in business we remain committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and customer service that landscape architects and designers have come to expect. Our history and reputation for excellence are reflected in the many prestigious spaces across the United States furnished by Country Casual Teak’s benches, planters, sofas, dining tables and chairs, and other solid teak furniture.

Homa Nowrouzi has been with Country Casual Teak for eight years and leads our Sales and Customer Service team. She has extensive experience working with landscape architects to facilitate furniture selection for their projects. You can reach out to her at or 240-813-1117 for furniture recommendations, digital files (ex. CAD blocks, Sketch Up, etc./), quotes and orders.   


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